Drontal Cat Xl Worming Tablets

Drontal Cat Xl Worming Tablets

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Thanks to Drontal most large cats can now be wormed with a single tablet. Drontal Cat XL worming tablets kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in Uk cats. A single dose every 3 months is generally sufficient for most cats, although hunting cats may need to be treated more often. The worming tablet doesn’t have to be given with food. Dosage: 1 tablet per 6kg (approx 13lbs) every 3 months Why your pet needs Drontal regularly? Parasitic worms infect most cats and dogs at some time in their lives. They can damage your pet’s health and worse still your family’s. How often should we treat for worms? It is difficult to prevent worm infection so it is a good idea to treat your cat or dog regularly for worms. If you worm at least every 3 months it will help keep your pet healthy and importantly vastly reduce the number of worm eggs shed into the environment.

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