About Us



I’m Pringle and just down there you can see my sister Twiglet. Thirteen years ago (back when we were very young) we adopted a lovely lady human called Sally. She settled in very quickly and in no time at all we thought of her as one of the family.

A few years later Sally’s friend Mike moved in.¬†We weren’t sure about him at first (we hadn’t shared with a male human before and they are a bit different) so we put him on probation, but soon enough we decided he could stay too.



We let them have full use of the house and they are very good, they do all the cooking, they clean up after themselves and they don’t stay up too late. We couldn’t want for better company.

Now their training is complete we feel they are ready for more responsibility so we’re letting them head out into the big wide world.
If your humans are going away and you want someone round to do those little jobs that are just too taxing, you’ve come to the right place.

To find out more, call Sally today on 07932 061256, check Our Service page for full details of how we can help, Get In Touch using our simple on-line contact form or email us at info@hovecatsitters.co.uk.

Now, I think its time to find a spot near the window and watch the world go by..