Applaws Chicken & Salmon Dry Adult Cat Food

Applaws Chicken & Salmon Dry Adult Cat Food

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Applaws Adult Chicken with extra Salmon Cat Food 80% Chicken with extra salmon 20% Vegetables and Natural extracts Applaws Dry is a (very) tasty quality cat food that simulates a cat’s natural wild diet but as a dry food. Cats are carnivores and their digestive systems are adapted to thrive on a diet high in natural animal proteins. Applaws dry prides itself on having no cereals and is formulated without the high level of carbohydrates and cereals found in most other dry pet foods. Antioxidant Formula Natural Selenium Natural Tocopherol Natural Bioflavonoids Cranberry Extracts Helps Fight Cellular Ageing Helps Maintain Healthy Skin Helps Keep A Shiny Coat Supports The Immune System Helps Prevent Furballs “It has the right protein to carbohydrate balance so is less likely than other dried foods to cause obesity and diabetes mellitus in cats than other dried foods.” Dr Diane Addie

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