How many cats live in the UK?

There are approx. 8 million domestic cats living in the UK, that’s nearly 20% of UK households with at least one cat!.
The South West and Wales are the most popular areas for cats with 25% of households owning at least one, whilst just 10% of households in London own a cat.

There are an estimated 70 million domestic cats in the USA, over 50 million in China, 12 million in both Russia and Brazil and almost 10 million in both France and Italy, in total over 220 million domestic cats worldwide.

There are an estimated 1 million feral cats living in the UK and there may be as many feral cats in the USA as there are domestic. ‘Feral’ means a previously tame cat that has reverted to a wild state probably after being abandoned by it’s owners or simply having just run away or gotten lost.